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Sonic Superstars

A new two-dimensional Sonic game has been announced

Or perhaps rather 2.5D, and we love it already.

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Sonic i is back - and so are his friends! For the first time ever, Sonic Superstars was showcased tonight at Summer Games Fest. Instead of the 3D perspective from last year's Sonic Frontiers, or the popular retro-pixelated 2D perspective from Sonic Mania, this time the perspective is two dimensions but with three-dimensional graphics.

The retro feeling is intact, the pastel colors are perfect and the music is wonderfully swinging (with clear inspiration from Fall Guys). It's obvious that you have some doubts when Sonic's infamous friends enter the trailer, one by one. And not just Tails and Knuckles - but also Amy. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The launch is sometime this fall, so more information will be available soon. The platforms are all possible and you can see the trailer here.

Sonic Superstars

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