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Swedish racing specialists Simbin Studios are keeping busy these days. GTR Evolution, the expansion slash stand alone continuation of Race 07 (released last fall) is set to be released this week, and they are also working on a game based on the Swedish Touring Car Championships (STCC) - due out later this year.

Both of these projects are on familiar ground, but the biggest project is without a doubt Race Pro, Simbin's first attempt at a console game. Well, perhaps it is more correct to say it is the second attempt as they also had far gone plans to do GTR on Xbox 360 with THQ. Licensing difficulties put an end to that project.

Race Pro was on show at both E3 and Games Convention, and is shaping up nicely with Simbin's brand of realistic physics and simulation. It's definitively not the prettiest racing game on Xbox 360 we have seen, but then again looks aren't everything... honestly!

Race Pro
Race Pro
Race Pro

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