A bum on the Overcooked logo almost raised the ESRB rating

The situation was salvaged by Ghost Town Games.

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In a recent interview, Overcooked's co-developer Phil Duncan discussed the party game and the story behind it, and revealed that their ESRB rating was placed in jeopardy because of a character's backside.

"I was out at E3 making onion soup with the press and Oli [De-Vine] was back in the UK frantically fixing the last few bugs for cert," Duncan explained. "We got the email just before we were due to upload our launch trailer which told us that the only thing holding us back from an 'E for Everyone' rating in the States was the tiny cartoon bum in our logo. The logo which was of course all over our website, Twitter, Facebook and the trailer."

This threatened to push the game into the 'Everyone 10+' rating, but luckily the team managed to remove the bum from the game. Do you think the bum was harmless, or a force of evil?


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