Zombie Vikings

Zombie Vikings adds unicorn pig, comes to PC in Dec

Oink may be one of the weirdest characters you'll see in any video game this year.

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Zoink Games launched humorous beat 'em up Zombie Vikings on PS4 in September, and after struggling a bit in the beginning (plenty of patches over the first few weeks) the game has settled in. This signals the transition to more platforms and first out is PC and Steam where Zombie Vikings will arrive in December.

Zoink also revealed that a free update will hit PS4 around the same time (all the improvements will also be included in the PC release), that among other things adds Oink, a unicorn pig, who will team up with the player in solo mode.

Here are the major new features that are being added with the update:

- Unicorn Pig - In single-player mode, you're now joined by a Unicorn Pig that'll team up with you throughout the adventure.
- New Enemies - Lots of completely new enemies added
- Progression - Unlock weapons as you progress through levels.
- Weapon Improvements - All weapons now have special effects and their stats are displayed in the store.
- Combat improvements - Direct roll, Mini health-bars, target hints etc.

Zombie Vikings

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