Zombie Vikings

Zoink talks "beer and pizza game" Zombie Vikings

Klaus Lyngeled confirms Ray from Stick it to the Man and a secret Double Fine character will make it in.

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We caught up with creative director Klaus Lyngeled to learn more about the co-operative undead viking brawler just ahead of its launch on PS4 and Steam.

"It's this typical brawler that you want to sit down with your friends, have a couple of beers and pizza," says Lyngeled of the basic concept. "But it's really based a lot around story, our previous game was Stick it to the Man so we really like character design, story so we've build a lot of that into the game."


The interview also touched on some of the alternative characters you'll be able to play as in addition to the four titular undead vikings, these include Ray from Stick it to the Man and an as of yet unannounced character from a Double Fine title (it's not Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend - we asked).

"There is going to be a couple of DLC characters that you can download later on that we're sort of working on to get in," reveals Lyngeled. "One of the cool characters, I guess this is actually a bit of a reveal is that we'll have Ray from Stick it to the Man. You can actually play him in the game. We're also doing a co-operation with Double Fine. So me and Tim Schafer have worked out a really cool character from one of their games that we're actually going to put into the game."

Zombie Vikings is one of three games (the others are Armello and Grow Home) that are part of the new "Vote to Play" initiative where the PlayStation community gets to vote on a game that's then included in the Instant Game Collection offering (free download with PS Plus membership). You can cast your vote on the official website.

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