Zombie Vikings

Zoink on Zombie Vikings

Coming to PS4 and PC in July.

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We talked with Klaus Lyngeled, the creative director over at Zoink Games, and found out how the studio are planning on following up the success of Stick It To The Man! with their next game, Zombie Vikings.

During the interview we found out more about the crazy plot and the characters you'll meet along the way, and Lyngeled also had this to say about the structure of the game.

"The story is set out around like basically ten different worlds that you travel through trying to get back the eye [it's missing and belongs to Odin] and also find out what happens to the different characters. So ten different worlds, each with about three, three-and-a-half levels each; about thirty levels right now. Right now we're targeting the play time to a little bit above ten hours.

"But we have also added - there's the basic gameplay you can get through, the whole story itself - but there's also side-quests that you can jump into and take part in those if you want to... These are like extra quests that you can pick up to basically gain more weapons, or gain more coins and get extra goodies in the game."

As Lyngeled confirms at the end of the interview, Zombie Vikings is heading first to PS4 and PC in July, and then hopefully it will follow after on Xbox One and maybe even Wii U.

Zombie Vikings

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