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Slingshot Content Pack available soon.

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Xcom: Enemy Unknown thoroughly impressed us when it was released earlier this month (you can read our review for more details), and the news that Firaxis and 2K are planning on supporting the game post-launch with additional DLC makes us happy.

The first DLC, the Slingshot Content Pack, will be the first of two packs arriving for Xcom. We can expect three new campaign maps, a new playable character (with a unique story) and new customisation options. No release date has been mentioned, but we're told the first content drop will be "available soon."

It's also worth noting that the Elite Soldier Pack, previously only available to those who pre-ordered or purchased the game at launch, is available to download. It's £3.69 on Steam and PS3, and 400 MS Points on Xbox Live.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown

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