Xbox One coming November, priced at £430

UK launch in time for the holiday season.

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During today's much anticipated E3 conference Microsoft revealed when gamers can get their hands on the new console and how much it will cost them.

Microsoft plan to release the Xbox One towards the end of 2013 with November the given month. Unsurprisingly its launch is timed perfectly for the holiday market and the release of some of this year's biggest titles.

Considering rumours had Microsoft pricing the console at close to £600, fans will be pleased to here that the only model scheduled for release is going to cost £429.99.

As well as the UK, Microsoft is launching the Xbox One in a further 20 markets simultaneously.

Microsoft is clearly going for exclusive titles and timed releases, a wise move considering that Sony have definitely had the edge in terms of exclusive content for the last few years.

Xbox One coming November, priced at £430

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