WRC 6 offers updated graphics and career mode

It looks like VR may come to the rally game in the future as well.

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We recently spoke to Alain Jarniou, game director of WRC 6, about what to expect from the series this year and the possibility of the game being released for VR.

Although a tech demo was available Jarniou was keen to state that the game would not be launching in VR, but may be something they will consider down the line saying: "It's some technology we have now so we can use it I think when we want and when we decide it's, because we have to optimise the game properly for it, all the game, but when it's okay we could release the VR version."


Set to improve on the last offering in the series Jarniou touched on how the graphics engine for the rally game will be seeing a great improvement this year hopefully adding more depth.

"WRC 6 will be on PS4, PC and Xbox one" said Jarniou. "So there's no low generation consoles so we can push the performance and change the visual of the game, so now it looks better, it's deeper and we changed lots of technology for the roads, for the trees and vegetation. So all of this has been enhanced."

Jarniou also talked about the slight change in direction for WRC, as this iteration moves closer towards a simulation than the previous titles. He also mentioned how the majority of the stages have been reimagined based on fan feedback to better represent the countries they are based in.

He added that the career mode was very popular in WRC 5 and that they intend to expand on that by "going deeper in most of the elements of the career." said Jarniou. "The contracts now are more precise, we can have objectives on rally, we can have objectives on the season or more seasons, we can also have the career mode contracts, the morality of the team is very important and the moral of the team will change depending on what the player is making and will change how the team react. So all these elements are pushed deeper in WRC 6 to give something more realistic in terms of experience for the player."

WRC 6 will launch on Xbox, PS4 and PC at the beginning of October this year.


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