Worms WMD

Worms WMD gets a boxed edition later this year

No firm release date as of yet.

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Team 17's next entry to the classic turn based strategy series is nearing completion. The company issued a press release today announcing that Worms WMD will also arrive on store shelves worldwide as a boxed edition. Team 17 still did not reveal the launch day for the game but reiterated that it is coming later this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Be sure to check out the fresh batch of screenshots below!

Here's a quick description from the press release: "Worms W.M.D features a fresh, new look, 2D cartoon-inspired worm, as well as gorgeous hand drawn landscapes.

For the first time ever, players will be able to use exciting new vehicles and even enter buildings, which adds new strategic elements of gameplay to the traditional wormy warfare.

Take to the skies and rain down bullets on the worms below using the helicopter, or traverse across the landscape in warfare-ready tanks, which will help you get around faster, protect your worms, and fire a barrage of shots.

Worms W.M.D offers a solid and extensive single player mode with training, campaign and challenge modes. Once you've conquered the single player modes, you can compete in crazy multiplayer with local couch co-op and online modes supporting up to 6 players with up to 8 worms each!"

Worms WMD
Worms WMDWorms WMDWorms WMD
Worms WMD
Worms WMDWorms WMDWorms WMDWorms WMD

You may also want to check out our recent interview with Team 17's Kevin Carthew about the game.


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