Worms WMD

Worms WMD gets 80+ weapons with new crafting feature

And of course, they'll be weapons of mass destruction.

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Worms WMD is going to provide slimy strategists with 80+ weapons of mass destruction when it launches later this year. Team 17 showed off a new gameplay trailer that lets us see some of the new-look arsenal in action.

The 35 standard weapons and utilities also include three brand new weapons, called the Dodgy Phone Battery (using nearby objects as a conductor), Unwanted Present (a bomb which can takes between one and five turns to explode) and the OMG Strike (a rare weapon which will call in a satellite to fire down a laser for huge destruction).

Team 17 are also adding a crafting feature to WMD. This will enable players to craft many more new weapons combining existing offerings. And this crafting feature also expands the weapon and utility count to over 80 in total.

Worms WMDWorms WMD

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