Bit. Trip Beat

Wiiware game Bit Trip Beat announced

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The first game from newcomers Gaijin Games has been announced - BIT. TRIP BEAT (or Bit Trip Beat as I will write from now on to avoid tears in my eyes). It will be released as a Wiiware title and features "retro-esque" visuals and "twitch" based gameplay starring none other than Commander Video.

Here is four key feature bullets from the press release:

• Bring Back That Loving Feeling
Bit Trip Beat brings back the classic arcade-style gameplay where getting the high score matters!

• Pixel Blocks For The Win
Keeping the arcade-style gameplay isn't enough, Bit Trip Beat sports a unique retro-inspired art style that will stimulate your senses.

• Old School Tunes
Who said old-school 8-bit music was out? Bit Trip Beat bumps the latest chiptune music to keep the action fresh!

• Friends Can Play Too!
Can't beat a level? No problem, Bit Trip Beat allows 2 to 4 player co-op mode! But don't think that makes it any easier...

Bam, bam, bam... and bam! Are you sold? No word on when it hits a Wii near you at this stage...

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