Lego Dimensions

We talk to TT Games about Lego Dimensions: Year Two

Arthur Parsons explains why working on Sonic the Hedgehog again is particularly exciting.

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For a game that came out last year there sure was a lot to talk about with Lego Dimensions as we caught up with co-game director Arthur Parsons from TT Games.

"We just thought let's go bigger," says Arthur Parsons about TT Games' vision for Year Two. "Bigger stories. Bigger characters. Let's go big on the IPs. So this year we've got 15 new IPs, everything from Adventure Time to Harry Potter, The Goonies, A-Team, Gremlins... so much great content. And as well we've also added a new mode, so not only does everyone get to play with new Adventure Worlds and the great levels of the stories, like in year one, but we also have 4-player multiplayer. And again, every character and any vehicle from any pack in either year you can put on the Game Pad at any time and they just all work together."

One interesting IP that TT Games is actually returning to after close to two decades is Sonic the Hedgehog, it's also something as rare as a video game franchise getting the Lego treatment.

"Sonic is really exciting for us, cause obviously at Traveller's Tales many, many years ago we made Sonic R and we made Sonic 3D Blast," says Parsons. "So to be able to get back and explore that Sonic universe is going to be so exciting. We haven't actually said the exact content of Sonic yet, cause we're kind of keeping that under wraps a little bit. Cause that's something that people are going to be super excited about. But to be able to get back and do some more work with our friends at Sega is great. And again, the little mini-figure for Sonic is so cool."

The conversation also covers the new story packs

Lego Dimensions

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