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We talk to Ivory Tower about The Crew: Wild Run

A "bigger and better" racing game launches this November.

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We caught up with Ivory Tower's Ahmed Boukhelifa to talk about the upcoming expansion for The Crew, Wild Run that's "making it bigger and better". We talk about the new physical rendering, the introduction of new vehicles and how the developer tracks player behaviour.

"It all takes place in The Crew experience," says Boukhelifa. "So everything you had you still have, everything you had you can rediscover with all these new twists and you can enjoy the game in a very different way."


"It's a very committed community," says Boukhelifa of the player base. "The way we engage with the players is that because we are on an online game we see what's happening. Basically it's like having a satellite dish or satellite camera all over the world. And that is monitoring all the movement and everything, so we see what's happening. So basically the players they talk with their feet or they vote with their feet or with their wheels. And we see what they do. What they don't do. What they like. What they don't like. And we try and do lots of analytics in order to see what works. What doesn't work. Let's try and understand why and make it better. And that's where the second part comes in, which is interacting with the players."

The Crew: Wild Run is due out on November 17 and you can catch up on our latest impression over here.

The Crew

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