We review the Razer Viper V2 Pro

Razer has made one of the lightest mice in the world.

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When we talk about term "lightweight", it's usually in the context of a honeycomb structure on the lightest mice on the market. While there are of course exceptions like Logitech's G Pro series, the established consensus tends to be that to vie for the record of lightest mouse on the market, the chassis itself must be perforated to save crucial grams that way.

Razer doesn't want that, and now gives us the Viper V2 Pro, a mouse that holds a thin but sturdy plastic shell, yet weighs just 58 grams. Considering that SteelSeries practically perforates the entire top of the Aerox 5 Wireless, and they clock in at about 74 grams, the Viper 2 Pro doesn't need that at all, as we're right down to what Razer calls "one of the lightest and fastest mice on the market".

You won't notice the weight savings on the mouse's features (or hardly at all). They're collaborating again with Pixart on the new Focus Pro 30K Optical sensor, a sensor that, as the name suggests, can take you incrementally to a whopping 30,000 DPI, a sensitivity so absurdly high that it's almost hard to imagine the use case, even for a hardcore professional. However, you could still argue that the higher the DPI the sensor allows, the more accurate it is, and the Focus Pro sensor is probably the most responsive and accurate we've tested to date.

Razer Viper V2 Pro

It also features Razer's own optical switches, more specifically the third generation, which promises 90 million clicks per switch. Razer itself says that they have mainly fine-tuned the tactility, and it can actually be felt, because there is a more solid mechanical impact in what you click, and the small spring that returns to the starting point also has responsiveness that is better than that of competitors.

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We're talking really, really small margins here, though, but it seems Razer wants to position the Viper V2 Pro as a marginal product that's more theoretically than practically "the best" on these measurable parameters. Does that make for a good mouse? Yes, of course it does. However, it also provides a mouse where the difference may not be felt by all types of users, or just in all kinds of scenarios.

The Viper V2 Pro is of course wireless, and again uses HyperSpeed technology. Let's just say that the observable difference between a wired, and this wireless signal, is impossible to detect, and although we didn't exactly have Gla1ve to draw on here, even the most competitive gamers in the office assured us that you really, really can't feel it. Furthermore, Razer promises around 80 hours of use, and now that makes sense when the Viper V2 Pro saves on the Chroma, but it's still impressive when you consider again how light the mouse actually is.

There are a few sacrifices, though. First of all, Bluetooth is dropped. Does that matter to the hardcore? Yes, without a doubt, but it stands in stark contrast to Razer's remaining line-up, where for example there is room in the Deathadder V2 Pro, or the Naga Pro. Obviously it's a bit of an "edge case", but for those who both game uncompromisingly, and perhaps have an iPad or other tablet where they also want to use the same mouse? When commanding a high price, as Razer often does, it's a bit of a shame to see features disappear.

Razer Viper V2 Pro
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And then there's the dongle. Well, you could imagine that your Viper V2 Pro connects via the included 2.4GHz dongle, and then it stays there until one day it's replaced, but now that it's finally possible to move out into the world, and for example play together at LAN, it's odd that this time there isn't a small slot where the dongle can be placed in the mouse when on the move. This is something virtually all previous models have had, and here... well, it's gone. It's easy to hit the 58 grams if you chip away at functionality, whether it's central or not.

That said, it's hard to get mad at the Viper V2 Pro, because this is without a doubt the most accurate sensor we've ever tested, and it's also the lightest mouse. At its best, well, £149.99 is still a lot, but when you're occupying the top spot, it obviously offers a bit more elasticity.

Razer Viper V2 Pro
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