Planet Zoo

Watch us manage a zoo in our Planet Zoo livestream today

Frontier Development's new tycoon title is here, and we try our best to create a successful zoo for a few hours.

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After Planet Coaster, Frontier Developments' is back with another tycoon game, except this time Planet Zoo tasks you with creating an entertaining, informative, and safe zoo for people to come and enjoy.

There are a lot of moving parts to consider when creating the best zoo possible, and that's why Sam is testing it out on today's stream, to see if he can get manage all of these elements. If this sounds like fun, make sure to head on over to our live page from 15:00 GMT (16:00 CET) to get involved.

Planet Zoo

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Planet Zoo

REVIEW. Written by Sam Bishop

"Those looking for a modern take on zoo management should definitely give this a go."

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