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Wargoove's Double Trouble free DLC is here next month

This features a new campaign tailored to co-op as well as balance changes, editor tool updates, and more.

Chucklefish has revealed that Wargroove players can expect some free DLC on February 6, which is the date the Double Trouble content lands on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One, with PS4 getting it soon after.

This DLC includes a new co-op campaign, fresh Commanders, public and private multiplayer lobbies, editor tool updates, balance changes, and more, and you can get a taste of all of this via the brand new trailer below.

The Outlaw Commanders are introduced in this update, including Wulfar, Errol, Orla, and Vesper, and your group of rogues need to perform Aurania's biggest heist by plundering the Imperial Palance of Heavensong, Stone Mountain Fort of Felheim, the Celandine Vault of Cherrystone, and the Floran's Iron Roots reserves.

For the nitty-gritty on balance changes, head this way. Have you tried Wargroove yet?

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