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Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution coming to PS4 and Xbox One next year

It's no longer called Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

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Valkyria: Azure Revolution has been renamed Valkyria Revolution, and a press release has revealed that it will release both digitally and physically for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the second quarter of next year.

"Valkyria Revolution is also in a sense a revolution from the traditional Valkyria Chronicles universe, as it's set in an alternate timeline based on the European industrialisation era and eschews the traditional turn-based strategy gameplay for a new hybrid of real-time combat and tactical strategy across battlefields," the press release reads.

In terms of what the game is about, here is how the press release describes it: "In the story of Valkyria Revolution, players will experience that firsthand. Five lifelong friends consumed by personal revenge plunge an entire continent into a terrible war, sacrificing the lives of countless innocents for a cause based on twisted half-truths and outright lies. This "Circle of Five" use their combined influence in their political and military positions to motivate their small, economically blockaded homeland to rise up and become a powerful resistance against its imperialist oppressors. Will the Circle of Five be remembered as heroic liberators, or will their selfish motives expose them as traitorous conspirators who sacrificed untold lives just to carry out a personal vendetta? Players will watch this history unfold in Valkyria Revolution and find out the truth behind the events."

Valkyria Revolution promises to offer new characters, game world, and mechanics for players to enjoy, switching the turn-based battlefield into an action-oriented one. For more information on the game visit the official website. Do you think the new name is better or worse?

Valkyria Revolution

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