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Upcoming dating sim Table Manners partners up with the NHS

The Steam exclusive dating simulator developed by Echo Chamber Games has partnered up with NHS for a campaign to get gamers to give blood.

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Echo Chambers Games and the NHS want your blood. To get your blood, the two have established possibly the most unexpected partnership of the year as a part of the NHSBT marketing campaign 'What's Your Type?' which is put into place to have specific groups of people donating blood. The Echo Chamber Games and Curve Digital partnership obviously focuses on gamers and if you're interested in giving some blood up to possibly save some lives, sixteen donor centres are part of this specific campaign (although any donor centre will be happy to receive your help). These are the following; Tooting, London - West End, Cambridge, Luton, Nottingham, Leicester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester (Plymouth Grove and Norfolk House), Birmingham, Bristol, Gloucester, Southampton and Poole.

As a part of the partnership, the GiveBloodNHS Twitter account is holding a little contest where those who post their funniest Valentine's jokes will be in the running to win one of 100 copies of the game.

"All our donors are amazing. But we need more than 68,000 men to start donating blood this year. This is not about recruiting as many donors as possible - it's about getting the right gender mix. We're thrilled that 'Table Manners' tongue in cheek gameplay will reach new audiences and inspire them to save lives", said head of blood donor recruitment for NHS Blood and Transplant, Nadine Eaton in the press release, with Curve Digital publishing director Simon Byron stating the following; "When we learned that NHS Blood and Transplant were looking to inform new audiences about the need for more blood donors, we jumped at the chance to help them,".

Looking to save some lives? Visit your nearest donor centre today.

Table Manners

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