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Underworld Ascendant

Ultima Underworld creator returns with Underworld Ascension

Paul Neurath and OtherSide Entertainment "rebooting classic game franchises", starting with Ultima offshoot.

Thief and System Shock development lead Paul Neurath has announced he and his newly-formed team at OtherSide Entertainment are working on Otherworld Ascension, a reboot of one of the side-series developed for RPG franchise Ultima - 1992's first-person dungeon crawler, Ultima Underworld.

"We're a brand new game studio focused on rebooting classic game franchises," outlines Neurath on the Boston-based company's home page, stating that the outfit is independently run and includes staff from the original game, and they've secured the rights to continue the franchise for the modern era.

There's little news yet on format, publishing deals or release date, so for now you'll have to make do with the game's logo.

Underworld Ascendant

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