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Lego Dimensions

TT Games says goodbye to Lego Dimensions

The rumours were true, but servers are still open.

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When TT Games first announced Lego Dimensions they planned to support the game with new figures and expansions for three years, but it didn't take long before we started hearing rumours about the studio changing these plans. A report just last week claimed the game was closing down, and now we have the confirmation.

Warner Bros. and TT Games have confirmed that we won't see any more expansions and figures for the game. Fortunately, though, they assure us that the servers and customer support will remain open for the foreseeable future, so it'll still be possible to enjoy yourself in the different universes in the game.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to most of you, as both Disney Infinity and Skylanders (officially on hiatus) said their goodbyes a long time ago. It'll be interesting to see if the "toys-to-life" genre will return (Ubisoft is already working on Starlink: Battle for Atlas) or if this is goodbye forever. What do you think?

Lego Dimensions

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