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Transference is all about tension and surprises

We caught up with narrative director Sylvain Bernard at Gamescom.

Transference is a VR psychological thriller from Ubisoft Montreal and Spectrevision about test case subjects and their lives, and narrative director Sylvain Bernard was at Gamescom to explain all about the game, including the tension it creates.

"In the game, I want to mention it's not a horror game, it's merely a psychological thriller, so it's really based on the story and the backstory of the characters and their troubled past that you will relive in the shape of memories," he explained.

We also commented on how we found the demo to be quite atmospheric, and he said "yeah, that's part of creating the tension. We establish, I guess it's a movie technique we've learned with Spectrevision, to set up the tension, let the player linger, take [their] time, and then surprise them with new stuff coming up."

In terms of what you'll be doing, there are puzzles, but "the attention is to keep the puzzle accessible, because we're playing with 3D aspect puzzle [...] so we're not aiming for those complex puzzles where you stare at something for several minutes."

Do you think this kind of thriller would be effective?

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