FTL: Faster Than Light

Transfer your FTL save from PC to iPad

Get your progress back on the tablet version of Faster Than Light.

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Let's face it, transferring a save game across platforms for FTL: Faster Than Light is probably a futile endeavour, especially when you consider the usual brevity of each pass at Subset's roguelike starship RPG.

But, a new fix revealed by one user on the Stack Exchange (and subsequently spotted by JoyStiq) explains how gamers can transfer their more persistent progress (ship unlocks and configurations, that sort of thing), which will be no doubt be appreciated by those who've sunk a considerable amount of time in the original and don't want to start from scratch on the tablet version.

By downloading iFunBox (Windows) or iExplorer (Mac) and uploading your PC/Mac save file, you can then replace a file called prof.sav (or the file ae_prof.sav if you've played the game since it was updated with the Advanced Edition) on your tablet with the one from your computer. You should make sure the game is closed on your iPad when you go through this procedure, and you also need to delete the file that's already in your iPad folder. There can be complications with multiple in-game profiles, which requires a little trial and error to navigate around, so make sure you back everything up before you get started.

FTL: Faster Than Light

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