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Trackmania's new monetisation model detailed

Parts of the game come for free, but other features are set to only be temporarily available.

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This week we wrote a major preview of the new Trackmania, accompanied by an interview with Ubisoft Nadeo's studio founder Florent Castelnérac. Ubisoft used the medial attention to present the monetisation model of its latest racing remake because that needs some attention as well.

Basically, there are three models in which the players are classified: Starter Access, Standard Access and Club Access. Trackmania is available to play free of charge through the Starter tier and Ubisoft has already confirmed that its seasonal campaigns will be available to these players. These courses change every three months, so they are not permanently available to the free player base but you can still expect around 25 tracks at launch that can be played both online and offline. It is possible to try other players' levels and to build some basic courses on Ubisoft servers as well.

If you pay €9.99 a year, you move up to the Standard class which lets you use the complete editor with all its functions. Players in this tier are allowed to take part in daily competitions and can access maps from previous seasons (which change every few months, as said) too.

Those who pay €29.99 a year (or €59.99 for three years) receive exclusive club functions with private rooms and activities (you can also set up your own clan). E-sports fans have to buy this membership to participate in the more interesting tournaments. Once you have become a club member, you can keep all courses and content created by Ubisoft Nadeo during your membership period - even after the subscription has expired.

Trackmania will be available on PC (via Epic Games Store and Uplay) from July 1. Our latest impressions of the game can be found in this preview article.


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