Total War: Warhammer II

Total War: Warhammer II's trailer explores the New World

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With the launch of Total War: Warhammer II just around the corner, The Creative Assembly and Sega have released a new trailer dedicated to the new world we will be exploring in this strategic sequel, including the spectacular Temple City of Hexoatl.

Players are invited to explore the West's expanses in search of the big vortex, claiming the lands of Lustria, Naggaroth, Ulthuan and the Southlands. Between dark forests, tempestuous seas and mysterious abandoned ruins, the trip to the New World in Total War: Warhammer II seems really promising. But to find out more, you can watch the trailer below.

Total War: Warhammer II is expected on PC on September 28, and players can pre-order on Steam. Immediately after the launch of the game, a massive free upgrade will be available to owners of both this and Total War: Warhammer. A new combined map will allow players to capture both the old and new worlds.

Total War: Warhammer II

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