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Torchlight II

Torchlight II's new trailer ushers in console versions

The game is now available on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, celebrating a decade of the dungeon crawling series.

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Perfect World Entertainment and Panic Button have just unleashed Torchlight II on consoles as of yesterday, meaning those on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One can enjoy the RPG, but what's more is that a new trailer has also been provided the celebrate the occasion.

The game is available for £15.99 ($19.99 USD, €19.99), and the dungeon crawler is actually celebrating the 10th anniversary of the series. This game in particular includes co-op with up to four players online, customisable characters, a variety of environments, and plenty more.

"We're excited to welcome gamers back to the world of Torchlight," said Yoon Im, COO of Perfect World Entertainment. "Panic Button Games has done a phenomenal job of bringing the magic of Torchlight 2 to consoles. Now a new generation of players can discover why the game is a beloved cult classic for RPG fans!"

"Developing Torchlight II for consoles has been a labor of love for our team," continues Dan Hernberg, Head of Production at Panic Button. "As long-time fans of the Torchlight series, we were thrilled when Perfect World chose us to bring this iconic game to new platforms. We hope Torchlight fans are ready to relive the adventure. Gold and glory await!"

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