Titanfall appears at MS and EA conferences

Respawn's futuristic shooter makes double appearance at E3.

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The surprise had been ruined somewhat by the leak last week, but the game that ended Microsoft's E3 conference was Titanfall (it was also one of the first game's to appear during E3's conference a couple of hours later).

Developed by Respawn, the studio created by Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were formerly responsible for the Call of Duty franchise at Infinity Ward, Titanfall is an FPS/mech shooter with multiplayer functionality. On stage Zampella confirmed the studio's exclusive partnership with Microsoft.

In the demo we were treated to extreme jet-pack fuelled free running through futuristic streets. The action is pure urban warfare with a heavy science fiction setting. Mechs explode on the screen, soldiers soar through the air on jet packs while unloading bucket loads of bullets in this action packed fps.

Multiple players storm a desolated city - the objective being combat with other mechs and soldiers. Titanfall is more than just a title, its the command for a player-controlled mech to fall from the sky. Mech combat looks like a lot of fun, rockets, machine guns and hugely powerful melee combat is accessible to the player at the touch of a button, not to mention an extreme ejector seat that catapults players high into the air.

Titanfall is Xbox One exclusive shipping in Spring 2014. If the demonstrations anything to go by it promises to be an adrenaline pumped shooter with exciting multiplayer capabilities.


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