Costume Quest

THQ announces Costume Quest

Double Fine's first downloadable title

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THQ have announced that they're working with Double Fine on the first of the developer's four new titles, Costume Quest. Studio head Tim Schafer announced earlier at this year's Develop that Double Fine are working on four new titles, each overseen by individuals at the studio. The first of these titles will be headed by Tasha Harris, lead animator at Double Fine.

As reported by 1UP, Costume Quest is an action-RPG title starring trick-or-treaters and set on Halloween night as a boy attempts to track down his lost sister, fighting imagination-fuelled monsters and "outsmarting other kids" along the way.

"We wanted to make a big impression with these, our first downloadable games ever," claims Schafer. "So we're coming out swinging with two great adventures from two of the most creative minds in the company." Costume Quest is slated for an Autumn release, with no platforms yet announced.

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