Dead by Daylight

There's more Resident Evil to come for Dead by Daylight

It'll be called Project W and we're expecting more news soon.

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A year ago, Dead by Daylight added Resident Evil characters in the form of Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy and Nemesis. The new chapter also allowed us to play at the Raccoon City police station, which the developers confirmed yesterday that they are currently working on a new, reworked version of. But that wasn't the only Resident Evil-related news they offered yesterday, as a new chapter is also on the way.

The new chapter will be called Project W, which immediately brings to mind Albert Wesker. This will be the first time that Dead by Daylight features two chapters from the same brand, but we still don't know much about it just yet. Expect to hear more about the chapter soon.

Dead by Daylight

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