The Terminal List

The Terminal List has been renewed for a second season

A spin off show has also been announced.

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It looks like The Terminal List has done well in the eyes of the Prime Video executives, as lead actor Chris Pratt has now announced that the show has been renewed for a second season and that a spin off has also been greenlit.

As revealed in a tweet, Pratt states that the second season will look to adapt the True Believer story, and that it will include more "military authenticity and heart-pounding action".

As for the spin off, this will revolve around Taylor Kitsch's Ben Edwards, and will explore how the character made the transition from Navy Seal to CIA officer.

No release windows have been attached to either project, but considering this is just the announcement, probably expect them to be coming a fair distance down the line.

The Terminal List

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The Terminal List

The Terminal List

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