The Secret World

The Secret World to appear in film

Conspiratorial MMO stars in IRL.

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A new feature film called IRL is set to feature Funcom's MMO, The Secret World.

The MMORPG, which has a modern-day setting but is overflowing with conspiracy theories and modern mythology, provides the focus of many of the films scenes, with two of the characters (one of them is played by Valter Skarsgård, the son of Hollywood actor Stellan Skarsgård) meeting up on The Secret World's servers.

In an interview with the film's director, Erik Leijonborg, the reasoning behind the choice of game was explained: "We searched for a modern looking game. So when we first saw the photorealistic characters and locations we realized that this is it! Of course it was also great that the game was so new as well. We also needed an online game with a chat in it, so our characters could meet up and talk to each other."

Footage from the game is used "extensively" in the film, with several locations visited during the course of the story.

"More so than any other massively multiplayer game out there, telling captivating stories with an emotional tie has always been an important part of  'The Secret World'," says Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom.

"Making our online world available to the filmmakers, so that they could use it to tell  their story, has been an exciting experience and I think the end result is absolutely fantastic. The entire team is very proud seeing the game up there on the big screen!"

The Secret World

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