The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home lands on PC on May 30

Daedalic's promising space adventure is finally ready for launch.

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Daedalic Entertainment has finally nailed down a firm release date for the hugely anticipated space exploration sim The Long Journey Home. It is launching on PC on May 30, with console ports arriving at a later date.

Andreas Suika, lead game designer for The Long Journey Home, explains the idea behind the game via press release: "Being lost and alone is a fear we can all appreciate. Now, imagine being on the other side of the universe, alone, low on resources, never knowing what awaits after the next jump. The Long Journey Home taps into that primal longing for home, while also providing a colourful, comic universe that players will have a blast exploring and returning to."

Below is a video of us sitting down with Andreas Suika at PAX East, getting an in-depth demo while chatting about the game.

The Long Journey Home

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