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The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2 detailed in new trailer

A career mode, bigger focus on online societies, and more.

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When HB Studios announced The Golf Club 2 last year they revealed a ton of new features and improvements, including:

A progression-based career mode: Earn money and work your way through different tournaments and challenges. All money earned here can be transferred to your online career.

A practice range: This will make it easier to learn the improved swing mechanics.

An improved course creator: It now includes stuff like tournament dressings with media stands, multi-level water features, being able to decide crowd placement, a better interface, and more. We'll even be able to transfer our old courses over.

Player creator: Customise your character with "millions" of different kinds of clothing, clubs, and gear.

Societies: They want to make it easier for players to socialise and arrange tournaments. Create your own club with its very own club house, major tournaments, and more.

The latest developer diary gives us a bit more insight into these aspects, while also giving us footage of the game's alpha version, so it looks like it will offer golf fans something to get excited about. Do you think we need another great golf game?

The Golf Club 2

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