The Secret World

The future of The Secret World

Game director Joel Bylos sheds light.

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In a letter far too long for us to quote in its entirety recently appointed game director Joel Bylos gives his views on the state of affairs in The Secret World and what the future for the MMORPG will hold.

Speaking about the very mixed reviews the game received upon launch, Bylos had the following to say:

"To me personally, it tells me that ‘The Secret World' hit a nerve. When we set out to make ‘The Secret World' we made a decision to at least try and breathe some new life into a stagnating genre. We play these games, we love these games and we tried to listen to what people wanted - what they were saying in forums and chats and blogs about how and why the MMO genre was becoming stagnant. And then we set about changing the formula, rethinking old concepts and introducing new ideas.

When you raise the bar like that, it is easy to miss a few targets. For ‘The Secret World' it meant that some things worked wonderfully, while other aspects of the game did not. Depending on what is important to you when playing the game, ‘The Secret World' may either be the best MMO experience of your life or it may simply not live up to your expectations."

Bylos, did go into some detailing describing the content planned for "issue #4" - Big Trouble in the Big Apple - but perhaps more interestingly touched upon some of the fundamentals the team are currently working to improve.

"A few concrete examples include the work we are currently doing on improving the animations in the game. We know this was one of the major complaints both in the beta and after release, and we are looking at how we can make player animations feel more fluid and natural. This entails implementing an entirely new animation backend for the Dreamworld engine, which will allow us to make improvement in both ‘The Secret World' and future Dreamworld projects.

The systems team is also taking a close look at the current abilities in the game and will be attempting to make sure that every ability has its place and that nothing feels like filler. We are also looking at combat and how to make that even better experience. You will see some of the changes coming on the new auxiliary weapons, and then, as time permits, we will be going over some of the older abilities and freshening them up with new mechanics."

The Secret World

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