The Crow

The Crow's original director really doesn't like the reboot

Alex Proyas shares his thoughts about the modern version.

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Earlier this week we got a first look at the reboot of the 1994 hit The Crow, with Bill Skarsgård now playing Eric Draven, the musician who was murdered in cold blood with his girlfriend, but was given the chance to come back from the dead to exact revenge.

In the original, Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee's son) played Eric Draven, but he died in tragic circumstances during filming, leading many to believe that the movie should be protected from Hollywood's reboot hysteria. Despite this, several attempts have been made to recreate the magic of the original, with nothing even coming close.

One person who definitely agrees that Hollywood should keep its hands off it, is the director of the original, Alex Proyas. Via his Facebook page, he mocks virtually everything about the first images, writing: "Eric Draven's having a bad hair day. Next reboot thanks."

He also goes on to write "I guess he's supposed to be a bad mofo with all those tats and werewolves and skulls on his jacket" and notes that this incarnation of Draven is drinking sponsor beers: "Samuel Adams! Jesus! He could at least drink something more bad-ass."

We already knew that Proyas thinks The Crow should be protected from exploitation, given the fate of Brandon Lee. What do you think about it?

The Crow

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