The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga heading to console and tablets

Set to land on touch screens this summer, with consoles to follow after.

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Stoic's role-playing / turn-based strategy game, The Banner Saga, is heading to consoles and tablets later this year. The acclaimed title, which was made by former Bioware developers, is set to land on new tablets this summer, with other versions of the game set to follow thereafter.

"I think it's very well suited [for a tablet]," programmer John Watson told Digital Spy. "It's almost the same. A player can play the whole PC game with nothing but a mouse and the left button. The whole game is made that way."

"We wanted to make a tablet game from the beginning, but we felt the main audience for this tactics role-playing game was definitely on Steam, whereas iPad was a little more of a question mark," Watson added.

He then went on to discuss the studio's plan to bring the game to various console platforms: "The ideal would be to get some console ports out before the end of the year. Whether we can make that happen or not, I don't know."

"Some things are easier than others. I think the game would be great on Vita, but I think that would come after other consoles. It's a path of least resistance thing; there's three of us. We tried to hire people to help us - contract external outfits for things like porting - [but] I'm doing all the iPad porting myself."

Watson then finished by saying: "For Vita, I'd much rather see it on PlayStation 4 first, then work on the Vita. The Vita might need some changes to take advantage of the fact that it's both control and touch at the same time."

We really liked The Banner Saga when we reviewed it earlier this year, and the chance to see it thrive on additional platforms would be great.

The Banner Saga

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