The Ascent

The Ascent's PC Game Pass version will soon be getting fixed

Originally, it launched without ray-tracing and DLSS features.

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The Ascent developer Neon Giant has reassured fans on Twitter that a fix will be coming soon to address the issues experienced with its PC Game Pass version. On Game Pass, the game launched without ray-tracing and DLSS features (both of these arrived on day one on Steam) and some users have even reported that loading times on the platform are excessively long.

In response to a fan's concerns, Neon Giant replied: "We are working on bringing them up to parity. The level load is news to me though, thanks for bringing that to my attention!"

Despite these technical issues, it fortunately seems that the game has seen a fairly positive reception from fans and critics across both PC and Xbox consoles. The game is currently sitting on a 74 for its PC version on Metacritic and on the Xbox Series, it has a slightly lower score of 65. We personally ranked the game 8/10 and described it as being: "an ambitious cyberpunk experience that excels in its vibrant and crammed world."

The Ascent

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