The Ascent

The Ascent patch fixes co-op, Achievements and more

Neon Giant's cyberpunk ARPG is getting more fixes.

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We really liked The Ascent when it was released during the hot summer months, but it had it's fair share of bugs. Fortunately, these have been sorted in a series of bigger patches, and soon it's time for another one.

In an open letter the developers thanks the community and urges people to report bugs on the forum:

"We'd like to take the time to thank everyone for their support and involvement in The Ascent community. Since launch, we have been following your player feedback closely, and it has been immensely helpful for our team. Even if we haven't been able to respond to everyone, we can assure you that we keep a close eye on the community discussions and will continue to do so."

Here are the highlights of things to come in the patch which should launch "shortly", although there will be more catered to as well:

• Fixes have been made to resolve situations where no FullChromes are present during "Mutual Dependencies" (Mission 2) unblocking Players stuck here.

• A fix has been made to resolve an issue where some Players were blocked at the 'Find Lanier' step during "Data Miner" (Mission 5)

• We have made a fix for players reporting being blocked at the "talk to Kira" step in "Trace Protocol" (Mission 7)

• Achievements: fix for the "Comprehensive" Achievement. We are also looking into fixes for "Win", "For Both Our Benefits" and "Omnihacker".

• Performance improvements on PC and Windows 10 (including a fix for Raytracing not working for Windows 10 players)

• Various co-op fixes (including elevators fixes and numerous issues with network disconnections)

• Many other improvements including visual issue fixes, various stability fixes, various audio fixes, translation fixes and more.

The Ascent

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