Terraria on PS4 offers bigger world, cross-play with PS3 and Vita

Re-logic's popular RPG arrives next Wednesday.

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Re-logic's Terraria is hitting PlayStation 4 next Wednesday November 12th and it will offer a bigger experience as "1,000 new items including 10 new ores, four new wood types, 31 new brick types, 12 new wing types, 29 new tinker combinations, 50 new paintings, eight new friendly NPCs, 15 new pets, over 100 new enemies, four new bosses" and more have been added compared to the PS3 version.

A couple of nice features are the use of the touch pad on DualShock 4 that allows players to zoom in and out by "pinching" and there is also cross-play with the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game. In fact for a limited time if you buy the PS4 version of the game you'll get the PS Vita version at no extra cost (no quite cross-buy in other words, but still nice).


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