Worms WMD

Team 17 went back to the old games to rekindle Worms

Worms WMD went back to its roots for fun and physics, but with a new art style and concepts.

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Last month at GDC, we met up with Kevin Carthew, the creative director at Team17 to have a chat about Worms WMD, the latest entry in the series.

One of the biggest differences between this Worms game and later titles in the series is that it harks back to the 2D style that the older games had. The game also has a new physics engine that is much closer to that of the older games.

When we asked Carthew about how the team went about creating this new look and feel, he had an interesting story to tell:

"There are fan favourites in the series, most of the time if you ask people what their favourite worms memories are and they'll talk about Worms 2, Worms World Party, Worms Armageddon, and it's quite difficult to demonstrate what it is about those games that made them so popular. It's a combination of things like the sense of weight the worms have, the way the grenades and physics works, it all comes together to make a satisfying play experience."

"With this game we kind went back to the old games; not in a casual way, we dug out the old code, and had a programmer go through the old lines of code and see what it was that we could precisely to recreate the essential feel of the old titles. That's been our mantra, that's where we started with Worms WMD, we wanted the core experience to be beautiful and solid and have that really nice feel with it that fans appreciated with those old games."


This edition of the series definitely looks like it could be the best one yet; you can watch the full interview below. Worms WMD is set to release some time this year for PC and consoles (PS4, Xbox One).

Worms WMD

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