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God of War

Take a look at these God of War photo contest winners

Some amazing images from the game.

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The photo mode in Sony Santa Monica's brutal masterpiece God of War has been a god sent (pun intended) for those looking to capture the beauty of what is quite possibly the visually most impressive game on console right now. Sony held a competition for the best God of War photos out there and the winners have now been announced.

"We combed over 100's of images all over the world and were immensely impressed by your creativity and originality of work we saw, whether it was a quiet, self-reflective moment with Kratos in Midgard to a fierce battle with Atreus in Muspelheim. We're proud to announce our legendary Photo Mode contest winners below. Check out their gorgeous photos and our team's commentary on each image. Our winners will receive a Cook & Becker museum quality print of their winning shot signed by the team + a Dark Horse Art of God of War book. Thank you to all our fans worldwide for your submissions."

God of WarGod of War
God of WarGod of War
God of WarGod of War
God of WarGod of War

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