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Syndicate Tech Trailer

Agent technology laid bare.

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As you've probably already noticed, we here at Gamereactor are looking forward to the release of Starbreeze Studios' Syndicate in February of next year.

Interested parties fall into one of two categories. On one hand there are those that are interested to see just what Starbreeze are planning to do with the much loved series of yesteryear. On the other hand there's the people who couldn't give a crap about what Syndicate Wars was like in the 90's - they want this game purely because it looks brilliant.

This video shows you just how brilliant.


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REVIEW. Written by Rasmus Lund-Hansen

"I couldn't help but think of Half-Life 2 when I played Syndicate: it's likely Starbreeze have studied what Valve did very closely."

Syndicate: Co-Op Hands-On

Syndicate: Co-Op Hands-On

PREVIEW. Written by Bengt Lemne

"Once more advanced tactics are used in the battles Syndicate co-op stands out as an experience you won't find elsewhere."

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