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Until Dawn

Supermassive CEO "can't imagine we will make more games in the Until Dawn universe"

We asked Pete Samuels about whether the chapter of Until Dawn is closed, and it seems that way, for now at least.

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Supermassive Games is hard at work on The Dark Pictures anthology of horror games, but when we spoke with CEO Pete Samuels and Bandai Namco producer Gareth Betts during a recent visit to Hamburg, we got to ask about their thoughts on VR after working on a few titles.

"We've had some fun with it and we've learned a lot from it," Samuels said. "Yeah, we've still got an eye on where that's going. I think some things have done very well, I think as is normal - new technology takes twice as long and it's half as big as people predict it's gonna be - but I'm still really interested to see where VR goes, and then we can decide whether we want to do some more in that space. But right now we're absolutely focused on doing what we're doing."

Both The Inpatient and Rush of Blood are VR games set in the Until Dawn universe, so to follow this we asked Samuels whether the story of Until Dawn is over, to which he said:

"Right at this moment in time I can't imagine a world where we will make more games in the Until Dawn universe, but things change, you know. I don't know if we'll feel that way in a year's time, two year's time, but there's certainly no plans at the moment."

Are you sad to hear that Until Dawn might not return?

Until Dawn

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