Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea is still free to grab on EGS now, Wargame: Red Dragon is the next in line

Timing is running out if you want to grab this survival adventure game for free.

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This week is about to end, which means we are going to see another new free game on EGS. Sunless Sea is still available for all Epic Games Store users to claim with less than 24 hours left, then it'll be replaced by Wargame: Red Dragon.

Sunless Sea was initially released in 2015. This is a survival adventure with roguelike elements, developed by Failbetter Games. It got pretty good scores from critics on launch in general, so if this is your type of game, it might worth a try.

Wargame: Red Dragon on the other hand is a RTS from Eugen Systems, also the third entry from Wargame series. It was firstly released back in 2014 and also got some quite positive reviews from its players. If you haven't tried it yet but interested, this is a good opportunity.

Do you check Epic Games Store on weekly basis for the free games?

Sunless Sea

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