Stronghold 3

Stronghold 3 new screens

Gold Edition out May 25.

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Firefly studios has today announced Stronghold 3: Gold Edition will be released May 25 on PC and Mac.

The new edition will include the most up-to-date version of the game, plus a new single player campaign, Blackstaff. The Gold Edition will also unlock 12 historical sieges (previously included with special editions of the game).

Stronghold 3 now boasts three campaigns, up to four-player online battles, the aforementioned historical sieges and a free build sandbox mode.

Anyone that has already bought Stronghold 3 will be pleased to hear that the game will be automatically upgraded to the Gold Edition (through Steam). Those who buy the standard edition after May 25 will be able to download the additional content as DLC.

Stronghold 3
Stronghold 3Stronghold 3Stronghold 3

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