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      Dead Space Remake

      Steam introduces 90-minute game trials

      The first game to get the trial treatment is the Dead Space Remake.

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      Steam is often looking for new ways to keep consumers interested in its platform, and now it has taken a page from other platforms as it has begun to introduce game trials into its service.

      Unlike game demos, which show you a specific portion of the game and are only included in some titles, a game trial gives someone access to the full game, but only for a short period of time. In Steam's case, its game trials are only available for 90 minutes.

      The first game you can trial right now is the Dead Space Remake. As one of the best horror games of this year so far, and a very good remake by most accounts, it might be worth giving it a go for free on Steam if you haven't already.

      Do you think game trials are a good thing for Steam? It's likely we'll see another major release get a trial before long.

      Dead Space Remake

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