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StarCraft: Cartooned reimagines Blizzard's RTS

Carbot Animations has transformed everything from the base game, and it's available now for fans to try.

StarCraft is a pretty big deal for Blizzard, since it's got a dedicated following that includes an active community and esports scene, but what if it all looked a bit more... cartoony? That's what StarCraft: Cartooned is offering, changing the way you experience the strategy game.

You can find StarCraft: Cartooned here, and as you can see from the trailer and screens below, it has a new art style courtesy of Carbot Animations. Every unit, menu, map, structure, and mission is transformed with this version, from the campaign to multiplayer, and even if your friend don't own Cartooned they can join you in a custom game.

Cartooned is available right now, but is this a good way to play StarCraft?

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