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Starbreeze doing well

Not all independents are going down

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Amidst all the job cuts and studio closures it is nice to be able to report on a company that is doing very well at the moment. Swedish developer Starbreeze Studios, who are about to finish up work on The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, reports a revenue increase of 54 per cent year over year (October-December). Starbreeze have also increased its staff from 86 people (June 08) to 93 people (Dec 08), and they signed a contract in November to work on a Jason Bourne title with EA (recently announced) on top of Project Redlime - a project that is reinventing a classic EA franchise (rumours say it is Syndicate).

The heavy fall of the Swedish currency compared to the dollar makes Starbreeze a very competitive alternative to many of its competitors these days. Another reason for the increase in profit is that the Riddick project required slightly fewer resources than expected to finish.

Starbreeze doing well

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