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Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II's Rogue One update seems to be the last

Star Wars Battlefront II could be nearing the end of its lifetime content update-wise.

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It started out as one of the most controversial games of all time - so criticised that Dice and EA decided to revoke one of its key features just ahead of the official launch - something that left the game with partly unusable menus. It was all about microtransactions of the absolutely worst kind. Not only loot boxes, but also those that made it possible to get advantages in-game by spending a lot of money.

This is barely accepted in free-to-play games, and much less in those sold at a full price. This sparked a debate that is still raging and has led to entire countries outlawing this dubious practice. But in all fairness, DICE and EA did learn their lesson, and beside the greedy EA Sports games (with FIFA as the worst offender), there is a whole lot fewer loot boxes and shady business strategies now.

And Star Wars Battlefront II is actually a great game, that has been built out no less than 25 times. But now, it seems like Dice is done and ready to move on. In a lengthy post, the creative director Dennis Brännvall revealed that the new planet Scarif is being added to the game today and thanks to this, it now includes "content inspired by all Star Wars theatrical releases". And now the original "vision" for the game is "complete". He continues:

"After the release of Scarif and some new Rise of Skywalker appearances (Rey with her yellow lightsaber, Kylo Ren wearing his reforged mask with the hood up, and Emperor Palpatine's latest set of robes) on April 29, Dice is moving on."

A trailer with some of the massive amount of free content that has been added to Star Wars Battlefront II can be found below. Will you download and play Scarif today and are you satisfied with the way the game has evolved since launch?

Star Wars Battlefront II

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