Speedlink Fortus

We got our right hand on the new mouse from Speedlink.

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Speedlink recently sent us its latest mid-priced wireless gaming mouse, Fortus, and straight out the box it looks great. The striking red design is fantastic, and the thing looks great just resting on the desktop thanks to the pleasingly shaped form of the device, with each side of the mouse boasting a trio of bars that can change colour as desired.

The clash of black and red looks great, then, and the overall build of the Fortus accentuates this design. This is a right-handed mouse, and the left-hand side of the device has a thumb rest that makes it comfortable to hold (especially if you hold the mouse with a "palm grip" like we do). There's a reasonable heft to the mouse due to the fact that it's battery powered, but it wasn't uncomfortable to use at all.

You can, if you want, tweak the DPI settings (which ranges from 600 to 2,400 DPI) for more responsive cursor movement, which is particularly important for those who want to compete in online games, and in this respect, we don't have too many complaints about the Fortus. It does exactly what you'd expect a reasonably low budget gaming mouse to do, and it usually does it to a reasonable standard. Usually.

Our main issue not only had a small impact on our gaming experience, it was also an issue when using the Fortus to perform day-to-day duties. The cursor movement can be a bit unpredictable at times, and despite being mere inches away from the USB receiver (the range is six meters apparently, although we never tested that to the limit) the signal would occasionally drop and it would take a split-second for the mouse to catch up. We noticed this much more when highlighting drop-down menus online than when we were playing shooters and the like, but it certainly was noticeable at times.

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Alongside the mouse wheel and the DPI buttons on top (the latter of which also doubles as the switch for the colour of the LED illumination, a nice touch) there are two buttons on the left side down by the thumb rest. These are also useful when browsing online as you can go back and forth through pages you've visited, but we also found ourselves pressing this button by accident on more than one occasion, taking us back to a different page rather unexpectedly. Still, it's a handy feature to have if you plan on using Speedlink's mouse for different activities beyond gaming.

All told, we have mixed feelings about the Fortus. The price is certainly competitive, and it looks really good, however, we're not sure it's reliable enough to be a gaming mouse for anyone other than the most casual of players. The tracking isn't reliable enough to make it an all-purpose option, and despite some nice features, for us, the Fortus falls a little short. If you're after a low-budget wireless gaming mouse, sad to say, there are better options out there.

Speedlink FortusSpeedlink FortusSpeedlink Fortus
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